Palestine Today TV (PTTV) in Lebanon had selected the highly scalable and flexible Etere Media Enterprise Resource Planning (MERP) system to manage its broadcast operations.

Palestine Today TV (PTTV), one of the main providers of news and documentaries in Palestine, had selected Etere Media Enterprise Resource Planning (MERP) system to upgrade its digital media workflows and to support its end-to-end broadcast operations. The channel is on a 24/7 Arabic language broadcast with programmes that focuses on the analysis of issues involving media, culture and politics.





PTTV had selected Etere to leverage on the benefits of a broadcast system that is future-ready. Etere MERP provides an integrative and modular framework of digital broadcast solutions designed to manage the complete broadcasting workflow with a highly efficient and completely scalable architecture. With its innovative architecture, Etere MERP provides full flexibility for future upgrades without a major change in the system. The setup at PTTV includes the following core modules:

Etere Media Asset Management (MAM) with QC. Etere MAM equips users with the tools to optimize all digital assets from the process of ingest, index and storage to the retrieval of files. It is a complete management solution that orchestrates media workflows, increases operational efficiency and optimizes media assets. Integrated with QC capabilities, Etere MAM is able to carry out fast quality checks on files to detect scene changes, black frames, freeze frames, audio silence, audio level, anti-phase audio and audio loudness.

Etere Executive Scheduling. Etere Executive Scheduling manages the strategic planning and editing of the TV station's broadcast schedules including the placement of programs, series, promos and commercials efficiently. Its implementation equips users with the tools for the strategic editing of licensed content, contractual commercials, missing materials, imported materials and regional ad insertions. Etere Executive Scheduling optimizes and integrates the scheduling of licensed content, planned broadcast, program placements, regional ad insertions and imported materials.

Etere Workflow. Etere Workflow allows users to configure broadcasting management rules, operation sequences and process management, thus reducing operational costs, optimizes system management and improves broadcast process management. With Etere Workflow, users can customize their system configurations to fulfil their business requirements fully. Additionally, Etere Workflow comes with a visual workflow design tool that allows users to have a clear view of every step in the workflow. With Etere Workflow, management and monitoring of every step in the broadcasting workflow is easy.

Etere Tape Loan Management. Etere Tape Loan Management is a software that equips users with all the tools needed for the management of tape loans and returns including features such as barcode scanning, on-air library and the printing of loan receipts. Operators are able to create, search, view or modify all tape loans performed by the station.

Etere Ingest. Etere Ingest is a multifunctional software solution that facilitates the ingestion of content from different video sources including live feeds, tapes, XDCAM and digital libraries simultaneously. Etere Ingest equips users with an inclusive end-to-end management of all features including operations tracking, deletions, asset assignments and store materials. It is also able to perform real-time captures of SD/HD media from any video source including IP streams. As part of its user-friendly design, Etere Ingest facilitates single click ingest based on pre-defined profiles.

Etere Proxy Browsing. Etere Proxy Browsing is an integrative software solution that is included in all Etere modules. It comes with embedded web and streaming capabilities. With Etere Proxy Browsing, users can perform ingest, edit, preview , playout and archive operations easily. Users are also able to configure customized transition effects and use an unlimited number of browsing stations with it.

Etere Transcoder. Etere Transcoder is an automated encoding solution to decode, encode, transcode, mux, demux and filter any media files used in the broadcasting workflow including during production, post-production, broadcast and distribution stages. It is able to manage encoding at different bi-rates and formats.

Etere Broadcast Quality Player. 4K-enabled Etere Broadcast Quality Player provides a professional quality media player that facilitates the playback, preview, monitoring and browsing of all digital content. It supports SDI output and comes with embedded quality control capabilities for both audio and video monitoring.

Etere Media Management. Etere Media Management is a cost-effective solution that manages, streamlines and optimizes the process of ingest, index, storage and retrieval of digital assets. It is integrated with multi-devices connectivity, system fault tolerance, libraries management, low-res video transcoding, proactive cache management, scheduling, MAM prefetch and newsroom integration.

Etere Automation. Etere Automation is a multi-functional solution that includes an automated playout system with real-time device control and Media Asset Management capabilities. It features an open, flexible and scalable design with database-independent capabilities and different levels of fault tolerance including Backup Mode, Master/Clone Mode and Disaster Recovery Modes. Etere Automation is also designed with a distributed architecture for a truly flexible, powerful and reliable performance.

Etere STMAN. Etere STMan is designed for a complete and real-time management of all secondary events. It is a software application that manages multiple layers of secondary objects associated with scheduled events in real time. With Etere STMan, users are able to manage logos, crawls, subtitles, channel branding, as well as device commands including scripts, hex pass-through and channel switches. Etere STMan also includes a graphic controller for an automated playout.

Etere Hierarchical Storage Management (HSM). Etere HSM is a software solution that is able to manage the archives of multiple vendors in a single integrated environment. It enables the optimization, movement and storage of video content. Users are able to use a mix of archival technologies and resources, including those of multiple vendors. With Etere HSM, users can enjoy a flexible, scalable and cost-effective solution with few hardware requirements. Etere HSM also manages metadata integration of video clips in the library.

Etere Master Control. Etere Master Control enhances IT-based playout for a complete digital experience. It comes equipped with a suite of features including touch screen capabilities and allows up to 8 logo layers with multiple sizes per decoder as well as an unlimited number of input channels.

  • The system at PTTV also supports Etere GV K2 MediaClient/Summit drivers with Shared Storage.
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